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Update management in your organization can’t simply be efficient and secure if it is still done manually. Would you like to save time and spare your nerves by automating the whole update management process of your IT environment? Try CSM for free and find out!

Application Lifecycle Management

Centero Software Manager is an excellent tool for update management. With CSM, you can manage your workstation applications’ entire lifecycle, from installation to uninstallation.

Here’s how CSM will make your life easier

  • No more manual updates – you’ll save valuable time with automatized, controlled software security updates.
  • With third party applications always being up to date, there won’t be any vulnerabilities.
  • IT support can focus on development instead of everyday issues.
  • The end users can focus on their work.

CSM for Intune

CSM is fully compatible with the cloud-based Microsoft Intune management solution. Centero Software Manager for Intune makes the distribution of updates automatic with Microsoft Intune interfaces.


CSM is fully compatible with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager or SCCM service. Centero Software Manager for SCCM can automatize the distribution using SCCM’s standard interfaces.


CSM is also compatible with another Microsoft update service, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Application Packaging as a Service

One central area of Centero Software Manager’s background processes is application packaging. But did you know we offer the packaging as a separate service as well? This means you don’t have to be a CSM user to get application packaging from Centero.

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No one needs to start downloading applications or updates when there’s a scheduled installation running automatically in the background.
Patrick Juuti, Kaukokiito transport services

With Centero Software Manager, the updates are significantly faster and easier than before.
Marko Simo, Metso Oyj

Now that software doesn’t call for as much attention as before, I can spend my time on more interesting ICT challenges.
Jouni Nukkala, Council of Tampere Region, regional development center

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