Application Packaging as a Service

One central area of Centero Software Manager’s background processes is application packaging. But did you know we offer the packaging as a separate service as well? This means you don’t have to be a CSM user to get application packaging from Centero.

 Application Packaging’s Service Models

Centero offers application packaging for one-off needs, or for continuous use.  You can order packaging as a continuous service or as individual packagings. We’ll package the software and its organization- and user-specific settings according to your organization’s needs.

1. One-off packaging

Packaging model where we package individual applications for a fixed fee.

Price from 700 € / application.

2. APaaS

Application Packaging as a Service is a service model where we package an often-updated application every time the application provider releases a new version.

Price from 50 € / month / application. 

You can purchase Centero’s one-off or APaaS packaging services even without an active Centero Software Manager order. If you are, however, using Centero Software Manager, CSM will automatically deliver the ready application packages to the management system, or even install them onto workstations, depending on your settings.

What do you need application packaging for?

  • Implementing and deploying the applications is standardized, predictable, and fast.
  • It’s easier to install applications when an application’s organization-specific settings are configured in the installation package.
  • You can manage the applications’ entire lifecycle in an efficient and centralized manner.
  • Application packaging allows for a centralized and coordinated installation deployment that improves cyber security.
  • When need be, it’s easy to restore the situation preceding the update installation.

Cost-effective Application Packaging

We offer our customers and partners different application packaging services, ranging from one-off packaging projects to continuous APaaS-agreements. We have IT service provider partners like Enfo who have been using our packaging services for quite a while now.

If an application needs packaging infrequently it’s usually best to do the packaging as one-off projects. If the application you want packaged is updated several times each year, it’s a good idea to look into our monthly-billed pricing model: with monthly billing, you’ll benefit from our volume discounts, and it’s easier to budget your acquisitions.


Thoroughly tested installation packages

  • Application installation packages for organizations are always made according to the industry’s best practices.
  • Application packages are thoroughly tested in all phases of an application’s lifecycle (installation, updates, and uninstalling).
  • Packages are thoroughly tested for any malware.


Packaging helps in application lifecycle management

Application packaging means you are modifying the installation mechanisms and models in a way that allows you to manage the applications from workstation environments and in a centralized manner. With packaging, it’s easier and more efficient to manage the applications throughout their lifecycle. Packaging also brings you a standardized way of installing, updating, and uninstalling applications.

Centero is a trusted professional and partner in application lifecycle management, from installation to updating and uninstalling. We can manage all applications in your workstation environment, or offer your organization’s IT department tools and software packages.


Packaging service supports a safe application management

With Centero’s application packaging service, IT service providers and organizations’ IT departments can streamline and simplify their own processes. We use the industry’s best tools and technologies in both one-off packaging, designed to meet your organization’s needs, and in application packaging adhering to the APaaS-model.

Centero’s application packaging service helps you to manage the applications’ entire lifecycle, from implementation to uninstallation – in a centralized, predictable, and safe manner.


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