The number of Microsoft Intune users has recently increased significantly, as more and more organizations are migrating to cloud-based solutions. As more cloud-based solutions are used, the need for patch management increases for environments using the Intune service.

Centero’s product development team has answered to this need – CSM for Intune is coming soon!

Centero has worked on Intune from its early stages since 2011. Working with Microsoft Intune has allowed Centero to evolve painlessly into a top-class Intune expert.

“The Centero Software Manager product family has never had an Intune version because the interfaces needed for product development have become available only recently”, Centero’s Teemu Tiainen shines light on the CSM version’s background.

After the interfaces became available, our product development team got to work immediately, and now CSM for Intune is very close to being released.

See the Centero Software Manager for Intune tool’s features in development »

Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

CSM for Intune features will mostly resemble CSM’s SCCM and WSUS versions. The most significant difference with these sibling products will be Intune version’s UI implementation. For IT admins, the CSM for Intune version is especially easy to use, thanks to the management user interface built on the Centero portal, which is accessible with a browser from anywhere.

The CSM for Intune version is also simple to deploy.

“CSM for Intune’s deployment is more lightweight, since it doesn’t require a separate installation to workstations, enrolled to Intune’s scope”, Teemu Tiainen says and continues:

“The CSM for Intune service will soon include a so-called multitenant management that will allow IT service providers to run concurrent processes for several partners at once.”

Join the CSM for Intune service’s beta testers!

Centero’s product development for CSM for Intune has already reached the point where it’s being tested thoroughly. If your organization utilizes the Microsoft Intune management solution and you want to participate in CSM’s development efforts, now is a great time to join the CSM pioneers!

We are offering two attractive choices, each of which are only a few clicks away:

  1. Participate in Centero’s development efforts as a beta tester.
  2. Join the wait list for a free CSM for Intune trial. You will be one of the first to take the ready CSM for Intune for a ride!

Click here to enter CSM Intune’s inner circle page and join the pioneers! »

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