Preview Apps is a novel feature in Centero Software Manager that allows customers to extend their automated updates and data security beyond current Supported Apps and to make suggestions for applications to be included in the CSM package. The feature also means that we are able to broaden our selection of CSM Supported Apps in a faster schedule than ever before.

Due to our unique and thorough method of processing application updates, from monitoring to packaging, testing and publishing, we have had to make the choice from the beginning to focus on a tightly curated list of Supported Apps to serve our customers efficiently.

Because we are constantly looking for new ways to keep our CSM customers satisfied and to provide the best possible user experience, we have added a new feature to CSM: Preview Apps.

Preview Apps are applications that are up for consideration to be included in the list of Supported Apps. Preview Apps are free of charge until they are upgraded to Supported Apps, and until that, we reserve the right to update them on a slightly looser schedule than other applications.

From a Preview App to a Supported App

Customer demand dictates whether a Preview App is upgraded to a Supported App, and our customers can easily make their own suggestions for new Preview Apps. Customers receive a notification before a Preview App is upgraded, and they can leave it out of their service package if they wish. If customer wishes to keep on using the app, they don’t have to do anything as the upgrade is automatic.

– With Preview Apps, we have managed to strike a balance between maintaining the thoroughness and integrity of our process and giving our customers more options, states Teemu Tiainen, CSM Product Manager.

– Customized installation packages are an integral part of what makes CSM different from our competitors’ solutions. By allowing our customers to make suggestions for apps, we are able to expand our base of Supported Apps while never compromising on quality, usability, or security, Tiainen continues.

Preview Apps are listed in CSM Knowledge Base with all current Supported Apps. Customers are able to suggest new Preview Apps by contacting us.

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