Centero Software Manager, CSM for short, is a unique application lifecycle management solution that has come to the rescue for hundreds of organizations’ IT environments.

Today, more than 100 organizations use Centero Software Manager to manage the applications and application updates of more than 200,000 workstations. To each of these unique workstations, depending on its applications, CSM distributes more than 500 application updates a year.

So, why should you use our solution to save your organization’s IT environment? Here’s 7 reasons to use Centero Software Manager:

  1. Manage and automatize your workstation applications’ entire lifecycle
  2. Easy implementation in different environments
  3. Affordable way to significantly improve your cyber security
  4. Carefully tested application installation packages that meet corporate requirements
  5. Volume-based, scalable, and affordable pricing
  6. IT administration’s time isn’t spent on application management anymore
  7. End-users’ time isn’t lost on interruptions caused by application updates.

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We’ve done some investigation on the potential markets where CSM could save organizations from unnecessary work and security threats caused by applications waiting for an update. Based on this market survey, we’ve now decided to launch CSM in the Netherlands!

Many of our customers consider CSM a superb product, and this is the message we want to share with the Dutch organizations that are looking for an easy, cost-effective way to application lifecycle management.

At the moment we are looking for enthusiastic influencers to conquer the Netherlands with us. We are open to different collaboration models: you can either represent your company, or use your personal brand in the collaboration. Are you the influencer we are looking for, or do you know someone who might be interested in collaboration with Centero?

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Please contact Kimmo Pitkänen

Tel. +358 40 054 5567

E-mail kimmo.pitkanen(at)


Do you want to book a one-on-one with Kimmo Pitkänen, Centero Head of International Sales? Use this link to book a Microsoft Teams meeting.

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