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Yes! That’s true! New Chromium based Edge is now available on Centero Software Manager (CSM).

You can now get the same easy experience for updating Edge, as with updating any other 3rd party application available on Centero Software Manager. Until now,

you were able to deploy Chromium Edge through Intune and SCCM, but they have their own limitations.

Why to use Centero Software Manager to install and keep Edge up-to-date?

Centero Software Manager offers an easy way of managing an application lifecycle. Of course Chromium Edge works, if you deploy it using native ways delivered by Intune and SCCM, but keeping it up-to-date isn’t that easy. If you have disabled automatic updates and manage updates by yourself, you need to deploy each new version individually as an update through SCCM. With Intune you cannot natively deploy individual updates. You can just choose the update channel and trust that it works.

Using CSM, you will have the possibility to update Edge using pre-defined automatic deployment processes. When deploying Edge through test deployment phase (or several), you can make sure any possible combability issues can be found and resolved before broader production deployment. In needed, you can stop the deployments and wait for new version, or create uninstall deployments through your management system and return to the prior version.

No need for manual work. Edge will be updated in automatized and controlled way.

What is Chromium-base Edge like?

Our version of Edge is modified by the best industry practices. These practices include modifications such as removing desktop shortcuts, disabling first-run pop-up windows and disabling automatic updates. Edge we offer, is using reliable “stable” update channel, so you can be sure it works in your environment.

Chromium based Edge replaces an old Edge browser in Windows 10 1903 or newer (Build 18362.266).

If end user is using old Edge during Chromium Edge installation, installation will be guided to controlled error. Otherwise installation would automatically close the session and there would be a possibility of losing unsaved work. When updating Chromium Edge to a newer version, update is performed silently and fully in the background, even when Chromium Edge is being used during update.

How can you get it?

You can enable the new Chromium-based Edge to CSM from our management portal. When Edge is added to your CSM service, add it to a deployment process either from our portal (CSM for Intune customers), or through CSM console (CSM Integration Client) when using CSM for SCCM or WSUS. Instructions to add a new application to deployment process for CSM for SCCM can be found here and for CSM for WSUS here.

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