General and deployment

It’s the first time for IBM BigFix in the patch management comparison. The product clearly offers a wide range of terminal management solutions. However, early on in the test period it became clear the product is in no way easy to use, nor does it give guidance to the user. In addition, it didn’t score well in performance, as some essential features did not work.

According to our tests, you really need training or guidance before you start using IBM BigFix.

The solution supports few applications, and was also missing two of the most important ones. Regardless, you can install and update business applications with the solution, and manage Microsoft updates.

Information security and vulnerability management

The features related to information security included at least the admin action logs. When it comes to vulnerabilities, IBM BigFix was not too innovative.

Deployment and installation of application updates

The number of installation features and options was more than sufficient. You needed a fair share of instructions and video tutorials just to get the patch management component running and its basic settings done. The score in this sector was also hit because the product was difficult and complex to use.

Inventory and update verification

Everything seemed to be under control on the inventory side. However, the reports related to update management were far from innovative.

Capacity for best corporate practices

BigFix was no exception in this category. We were unable to have a full certainty on the applications’ origins and changes, as we couldn’t update any applications on the test terminal.

Summary on the Compared Features

  • Solution type: Standalone on-premises-solutions
  • Number of supported applications: 21


  • Supported applications: 1.43/4.00
  • Pricing, versatility, and infrastructure: 0.29/4.00
  • General features and test use: 2.40/4.00
  • Information security: 2.00/4.00
  • Vulnerability management: 1.20/4.00
  • Inventory and evaluation: 2.00/4.00
  • Restart management: 0.80/4.00
  • Setting management: 4.00/4.00
  • Setting adjustments: 2.00/4.00
  • Update verification: 2.00/4.00
  • Capacity for corporate practices: 1.60/4.00
  • Solution deployment: 0.67/4.00


  • Price per year for smaller companies: not available
  • Price per year for larger companies: not available

In the next post of this blog series we’ll look at the summary on all the compared tools.

For detailed information on the comparison’s results, and the features of the compared applications, check out our Free Patch Management Tools’ Comparison Guide.

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