General and Deployment

F-Secure PSB Software Updater has been in our comparison before, as well. The solution is one of the cyber security company’s biggest products, and the patch management component is built in a wider information security product.

In application updates, the solution supports Windows operating system. The solution can also run Microsoft’s software updates. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Software Updater to patch any business solutions not included on the list. The solution’s deployment was easy, and, as a cloud-based solution, it did not need any local IT infrastructure. The solution also offered the possibility to a self-service trial period. The built-in instructions and tips were enough for a successful trial use.

Information Security and Vulnerability Management

Based on our tests, an end-user could not easily make harmful changes on the product, as even the local admin could not uninstall the agent. Unfortunately, the Software Updater did not keep an administrator action log.

We did not find any significant shortcomings in vulnerability management, but no special assets either. The connections to the vulnerabilities CVE ID’s were a definite bonus.

Distribution and Installation of the Updated Applications

When distributing the updates to the endpoints, basics seemed to be in order. The Software Updater allowed the end-user to run a basic level restart configuration and postponing. Application updates are based on inventory data, meaning only the existing installations are updated. This means the solution can’t be used for the so-called application distributions.

Inventory and Update Verification

The solution has room for improvement when it comes to inventory: only the vulnerable applications are shown. The reporting, however, is average, as there is the possibility for both automatic and scheduled reports.

Capacity for Best Corporate Practices

Like most of the other solutions compared, this is the category where the Software Updater had the poorest performance. The update installation had no stand on shortcuts or automatic updates.

Comparison to CSM products

  • Cloud-based solution that needs an agent application for endpoints
  • F-Secure PSB is closest to CSM Cloud product. Both solutions update both 3rd party applications and Windows security patches.
  • PSB’s operation is based on scanning vulnerabilities and then installing the patches for the found vulnerabilities, and this is the major difference compared to CSM Cloud. CSM updates applications and operating systems based on agreed-on rules, meaning the updates are proactive, not reacting to vulnerabilities.

Summary on the Compared Features

  • Solution type: Cloud-based, agent solutions
  • Number of supported applications: 118


  • Supported application: 2.00/4.00
  • Pricing, versatility, and infrastructure: 1.14/4.00
  • General features and test use: 1.60/4.00
  • Information security: 1.60/4.00
  • Vulnerability management: 1.20/4.00
  • Inventory and evaluation: 0.67/4.00
  • Restart management: 2.40/4.00
  • Setting management: 3.20/4.00
  • Setting adjustments: 2.00/4.00
  • Update verification: 3.00/4.00
  • Capacity for corporate practices: 1.60/4.00
  • Solution deployment: 2.33/4.00


  • Price per year for smaller companies: 8 400 €
  • Price per year for larger companies: 84 000 €

In the next post of the blog series we’ll see how Itarian Komodo ONE did in the comparison.

For detailed information on the comparison’s results, and the features of the compared applications, check out our Free Patch Management Tools’ Comparison Guide.

Download the guide here.

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