We’ve all been waiting for it, and now it’s here: the patch management tool for Microsoft Intune environments!

Centero introduced the latest addition to the Centero Software Manager product family, CSM for Intune, in a webinar on Thursday, February 6th.

Like other CSM products, Centero Software Manager for Intune has been developed as an easy-to-use tool that automatizes the patch management process for the entire workstation environment. The product, designed for the Microsoft Intune environment, saves time for an organization’s IT support – the effortless update process both creates financial savings and strengthens cyber security. Workstation environment stays up to date without a hassle.

Watch the webinar video to hear more about the benefits of CSM for Intune, and how to use the brand-new tool!

NB! Start using CSM for Intune to get the full benefits!
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If you are interested in trying CSM for Intune or other CSM version (SCCM, WSUS, Cloud, Servers) you can just go to our website and order free trial or demo session.

Trial order: https://software-manager.com/free-trial/

Demo request (on top of the page): https://software-manager.com/for-our-partners/


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