Centero crown jewel Centero Software Manager supports almost all popular applications, all in all about 50 different ones. You can also make requests for new applications with our Preview Apps feature. If you and your organization have a need for a less common application to be distributed with CSM, it will soon be possible.

Centero serves customers from various different industries and lines of business, so it is very common that there is an application or two that are strangers even to us – even after the fact that CSM Supported Apps offering covers at least 95 percent of applications installed by our average customer.

With CSM Preview Apps feature we have been able to better serve the application update needs of our customers all the time, but sometimes even that is inadequate for the plethora of applications our customers have in their use. 

If there is enough expertise in your organization to package a rarer application in your use to be distributed in the CSM environment, we soon offer you a chance to make it so! You can add the application in the CSM distribution list, and the service will distribute the updates for your workstations.

The only limitation is that the customer should be able to package themselves new update versions to standard installation packages supported by Intune or SCCM. After that, CSM will distribute the packages to workstations in a handy, automated, and safe manner!

If you don’t have the resources for packaging the applications needed, do not worry! We still offer application packaging as a separate service. Wise and agile Centero experts will handle the packaging and testing on your behalf.

This new Centero Software Manager feature will be available in the beginning of 2022. Stand by for more information!

Ask Teemu Tiainen for extra information or contact your own Centero liaison if you feel that an application you use isn’t getting enough attention!

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