Adobe announced in 2017 that they are going to end the life of Adobe Flash Player and the day is almost here. 31.12.2020 will be the last day Adobe Flash Player is supported and it is set to EoL (End of Life) status.

This change shouldn’t come as a surprise, but in case you were not aware no need to worry. We are here to help! After reading this article you’ll know, what to do and where you can get the Adobe Flash Player uninstall tool for free, as a Centero Software Manager (CSM) customer.

What Does The EoL Mean?

Adobe Flash Player won’t be updated anymore after 31.12.2020. If there is a known vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player after EoL date, it’s not going to be patched (necessarily). This means that using Adobe Flash Player is not safe anymore and should be removed from your computers.

What To Do?

If you have Adobe Flash Player installations in your environment, now it’s time to uninstall all of them. Also make sure there are no applications requiring Adobe Flash Player and remove current deployments of Adobe Flash Player.

We understand the inconvenience of application uninstallations from large amount of workstations, and that is why we are offering Adobe Flash Player uninstallation tool totally for free for CSM customers. With the uninstallation tool, you can remove all types of Adobe Flash Player installations (ActiveX, NPAPI and PPAPI) and all previous and current versions.

How Does The Uninstall Tool Work?

Uninstallation tool includes the official Adobe uninstaller and it can remove all of the Flash Player installations.

From the point of view of management systems, uninstaller is installed to workstations, but actually nothing is installed. Installed status is due to a detection method that reports installation status as Installed, if no installations are found or uninstaller tool removed Flash Player installations.

How Can You Get The Uninstallation Tool?

You can enable the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller as a CSM Supported App from Service Applications menu in Centero Portal, or by sending us a support ticket. When Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller is added to your CSM service, add it to a deployment process either from our portal (CSM for Intune customers), or through CSM console when using CSM for SCCM or WSUS. Instructions for adding a new application to deployment process for CSM for SCCM are here and for CSM for WSUS here. If you’re using CSM Cloud, it’s enough if you enable it as a CSM Supported App.

Application With EoL Status in Centero Software Manager

We have noticed that application publishers might offer updates to applications with EoL status if there is a widely known severe vulnerability. That is why we are keeping Adobe Flash Player’s in the catalog of CSM Supported Apps until a further notice, so you’ll receive the latest version if Adobe releases one.

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