With Centero Software Manager (CSM), certain often used applications’ most recent versions get automatically updated on workstations. You can choose which software you want to include in your service from our list of more than 30 supported applications. However, if your organization’s workstations use software that’s not included on the list of our supported applications, and you’d want them to automatically update to the most recent version as well, we can help you out. 

With Application Packaging as a Service, you can use CSM to update basically any application’s most recent versions automatically to your workstations – just like CSM works with the supported applications. The price of Application Packaging as a Service varies based on how often the updates are released and how big a workload the packaging is. We’ll quote you an application-specific price, so don’t hesitate to hit us with an e-mail: we’ll do some calculations and get back to you right away with a number. In addition to the service price, we’ll charge a deployment fee, which is calculated with the same formula we use for the price of a supported application (ie. number of workstations x unit price / month). If you’ve already reached the price ceiling, we’ll waiver the deployment fee. For an additional fee, we can also apply a shorter reaction time to the service, meaning a faster deployment of a software’s latest version.  

We can also configure customer-specific settings or customizations for the software you choose to include in the Application Packaging as a Service, and add these settings into the installation packages. The software updates will automatically use these settings on each of the organization’s workstation. Customizations can include, for instance, an organization’s license code, the application add-ons used within an organization, or basically any setting that’s within the packaging technology’s range of possibilities. 

With Application Packaging as a Service, we can apply these customer-specific settings or customizations to the supported applications as well. 

Interested in software updates as a service? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll give you a quote on the price, and you can decide whether the service is worth it! You can send your queries to your own Centero contact person or to our support at support@software-manager.com.

Here some price examples for the Application Packaging as a Service: 

  •  Adobe Acrobat:50 € / month + deployment fee 
  • PDF Xchange Pro:150 € / month + deployment fee 
  • SnagIt:150 € / month + deployment fee 
  • TeamViewer Host:50 € / month + deployment fee 

If your customer-specific settings demand more than the average packaging work, the prices above might not apply. We’ll confirm your price once we’ve gone through your customer-specific needs.

Does your Software Manager service already include all the supported applications you use? You can check our list of supported applications here. We’ve tried to put together a nice list of commonly used, mainly free applications with frequent update releases. We add new applications on the list based on customer’s needs. New 2019 additions include for instance Citrix Files and Filezilla Client. 

Customers of the Software Manager service can add and remove the supported applications they use directly in the management portal. 

By Hannu Laitinen
A diehard CSM man 


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