There are a couple of new features in Centero Software Manager (CSM) Cloud and CSM Cloud for Servers.

Real-Time Group Changes

In CSM Cloud Client, you can now configure a group for a device, and the change is effective immediately, in real time, without a delay. This feature helps in situations where the group change of a single workstation or server needs to be performed quickly, and directly from the device end.

You can find the instructions for this functionality here.


Accepting New Devices into the Service

From now on, the CSM admin needs to log into the portal and accept any new devices added to the service. This feature improves the service’s cyber security, as we can now make sure you can’t add new devices into the service with a so-called client key. Even though only the customer should have had access to the client key in the past as well, there has been a theoretical possibility of the key ending up in wrong hands via phishing.

What this actually means is that when new Cloud Clients are installed on devices, you have to log into the Centero Portal and accept any new workstations or servers. There are up-to-date instructions for this operation in our Knowledge Base, and you can find them following these links:

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