Centero Software Manager Integration Client 1.0.5086 gives our customers a more secure log-in, a clearer user interface, and useful new properties. But that’s not all.

Centero Software Manager is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager*, SCCM for short, and we are constantly updating the integration. We, your heroes at Centero, sometimes have our heads deep in our device adventures and forget to tell you more about our CSM for SCCM updates – but that’s not happening this time around.

The upcoming update for the Integration Client that transfers information between CSM and SCCM is too juicy for our customers to keep it to ourselves. CSM Integration Client 1.0.5086 includes the following improvements:

1. A More Cyber-secure Authentication

With the new version, CSM for SCCM starts using a GUID-based authentication, with authentication data coming from Azure AD. This means a big leap in cyber security when it comes to service authentication.

From now on, the authentication is done with a customer ID and an identification key, compared to the username and password authentication that was used before. After the update, you cannot connect your customer ID-identification key -pair to anywhere but the CSM Integration Client, and the ID and key cannot be used in any other operations.

2. A Clearer User Interface

We’ve revised our user interface, and with the new use of tabs it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Application, deployment type, and deployment settings now each have their own locations, boiling down to an even better user experience.

3. New Settings

We’ve added quite a few useful new settings, especially on the deployment side. Deployment management has more alternatives, and we’ve improved the deployment processes once more. From now on, CSM for SCCM also supports the new Windows 11 operating system.

In addition, we’ve fixed an issue that affected the device reporting, and indirectly messed with the invoicing as well. So, if you’ve had the Centero heroes knocking on your door asking for invoicing information, worry no more. You won’t be hearing from us from now on, at least not with that old question!

We hope the Integration Client 1.0.5086 update brings you an even better and smoother user experience. The update will be available late 2021 or early 2022.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us! The detailed technical information on the update will be published in the CSM Knowledge Base.

*) Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is officially known as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, but for clarity’s sake, we call our product CSM for SCCM.

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