The poll researches how organizations of different size update their third-party applications. Take the poll and get your hands on the latest test results the minute they are out!

The poll is a part of engineering student (Master of Engineering) Tuukka Tiainen’s thesis on cyber security, commissioned by Centero Oy.

The thesis aims to answer the following questions:

* How do organizations handle third party applications’ update management?

* Do organizations think that third party applications’ update management is an important part of their cyber security?

* What products do organizations use to automatize their third party applications’ update management?

* What makes a good product when it comes to third party application update automatization?

* Which applications organizations update, and which they do not?

The poll is in English, and it only takes about 10 minutes to answer. Everyone who takes the poll, gets the results the minute they are out. In addition, everyone who takes the poll gets the latest version of our tool for comparing patch management software.

All inquiries related to the poll can be sent to Tuukka Tiainen at tuukka.tiainen(at)

To take the poll, click here.

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