In our line of work, we have witnessed several times and up close how repetitive security updates have driven regular users to the brink of madness and brought entire corporations to their knees. Wedecided to find out what the most annoying things are regarding continuous security updates.

Security Updates are a Constant Source of Annoyance

We asked people to tell us on our Facebook page what the most annoying things are regarding security updates. We received hundreds of replies to this simple question, ranging from end to end. The common factor for most of them was that security updates are clearly a source of great annoyance.

Based on the replies, the most annoying things about security updates are:

  1. the confusion caused by the updates
  2. the time spent on the updates
  3. the update notifications popping up at an inconvenient moment
  4. the sheer number of updates

The confusion created by the updates is evident when a regular user can’t keep up with the updates’ content. More than 40% of the users find the confusion caused by the security updates annoying. As one of them said: “You never know what the updates are about. For example, on Windows, the update ID kb1243129239234 says nothing at all to a normal user – –”.

The time spent on updates is a frustrating issue for many. In order for security to be handled well, software has to be kept up to date at all times, which means quite a lot of update hassle and waiting.For example, disruption of work because of update installations can be extremely frustrating. In fact, almost 40% of those who responded were annoyed by the time wasted on security updates.

Approximately 20% of them said that the most significant source of annoyance was the sheer number of updates and that the security update notifications pop up at the most inconvenient moment possible. The number of updates is indeed high, and updates are released almost daily, which takes time away from actual work and other activities. On the other hand, the updates might emerge at a critical moment, e.g. when you are working on something vital.

Security Updates Don’t Have to be Annoying

Our question revealed how annoying repetitive security updates can be. However, this doesn’t have to be the case – we have a solution to make updates no longer annoying: Centero Software Manager. Centero Software Manager keeps constantly updated widgets (including Java, Flash, PDF readers, and web browsers) up to date – fully automatically! You’ll save time, effort, and your nerves.

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