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Centero’s webinar series this fall covers Centero Software Manager, its benefits for IT service providers, and implementation and management of the CSM-product.

Centero will introduce setting up Centero Software Manager products in this webinar. Welcome on board!

Please note that the webinar has been postponed until further notice!

Centero Software Manager is an application lifecycle management solution that automatizes application and patch management for the entire workstation environment. Today, more than 100 organizations use CSM to manage the applications and application updates of more than 200.000 workstations. To each of these unique workstations, depending on its applications, CSM distributes more than 500 application updates a year.

In this webinar our specialists will talk about how easy it’s to set up Centero Software Manager. In the webinar we’ll show you how IT service providers can set up customer accounts into the CSM service, and we’ll walk you through each technical step, all the way until choosing the applications you want to manage.

In our free webinar we’ll also look at how to book an individual demo with us, and how to start your free CSM-trial. Join us!


Implementation: See how easy setting up CSM is

Time: webinar postponed until further notice!

Subject: Centero Software Manager – easy, hassle-free implementation

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