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Centero is an expert in centralized, automatized device management. In other words, we know exactly how to manage workstations and devices in a safe, flexible, and cost-effective way.

Experience from all kinds of IT environments

We have been working with all kinds of IT environments since 2007. Centero staff members have decades of experience in managing and developing workstation environments. We have carried out development work in a variety of IT environments and helped our clients save a significant number of working hours – whether they are agile start-ups or workstation environments with tens of thousands of devices.

CSM was developed for a need

For several years, Centero has been providing application management and device management services for different companies and organizations. Distributing application updates demands a lot of manual labor, so in order to ease and streamline our own work we started developing different automation-based solutions.

After a long development process, we were proud to present Centero Software Manager, a solution that takes care of your update management, now and in the future.

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Centero is a straight-forward partner

We are not the biggest operator in our field. Nor do we want to be – at least not by our policies. What we want instead is that collaboration with Centero is always easy, straight-forward, and pleasant for our clients. We prefer to work with nice people, and I bet you do as well.

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