CSM for Intune is Ready To Go –
Get Your 3-Month Free Trial

Activate your CSM for Intune subscription during the promotion period before 11/30/2019 to get your first 3 months completely free of charge.


Automate the Microsoft Intune Environment’s Entire Upgrade Process

Say goodbye to IT support’s everyday upgrade tasks and let Centero’s CSM for Intune management product carry them out for you.

Designed for the Intune environment, CSM for Intune makes the administrator’s life easier by automating repetitive software upgrades entirely – saving you time, effort, and money!

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Get Your Free Months and the Early Bird Benefit

When you sign up as a CSM for Intune preview customer during the promotion period, you get to use the preview service until the end of November. CSM for Intune will be officially published on 12/01/2019.

The preview customers’ 30-day free trial period will begin on 12/01/2019 and after that you can use your free 3-month trial before you start paying for CSM for Intune – that’s 4 months of free use on us!

We always provide full CSM support to Centero Software Manager users! If you sign up quickly, Centero offers you Intune admin support for the first 3 months, making sure that there are no hiccups in the beginning. In addition to CSM for Intune’s usage support, we offer you admin support throughout the promotion period for all of your questions regarding the Intune environment.


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