CSM for SCCM – patch management for a SCCM environment 

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CSM is fully compatible with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM. Centero Software Manager for SCCM can automatize the deployment using SCCM’s standard interfaces. CSM downloads new versions of the applications in question and creates SCCM-deployments according to the deployment process defined in the CSM-configuration.

CSM for SCCM works without any installations on workstations!

CSM for SCCM ­– Features

CSM for SCCM’s versatile features alleviate IT support’s workload by automatizing the entire patch management process. Predictable and configurable deployment processes can be specified by device group, and the processes run in the background without disturbing the end user. Application packages have been carefully tested on all supported operating systems.

For CSM for SCCM’s features and pricing, see below. Centero Software Manager’s pricing is based on the number of updated applications and workstations, meaning it can be easily scaled according to the size and needs of your company.

-Not included
Upcoming feature
For an additional fee
Application DeploymentCSM for SCCM
Fully automatized application deployment process
Scheduled application deployment
Application updates
Application installation in the background
No unexpectedly closing applications
No unpredictable boot behavior
Modifiable deployment process
Device- and application-based deployment targeting
Ability to uninstall applications deployed by CSM
No adware in application packages
Installation packages made for organizational use
Manual use of installation packages
Thoroughly tested installation and operation of packages
Deployment of customer-specific applications
Customer-specific application settings
InventoryCSM for SCCM
Inventory for devices, operating systems, and applications
PlatformCSM for SCCM
No need for client software on workstations
Customer-specific platform as a service
ManagementCSM for SCCM
E-mail notifications
Web-based management portal
Maintenance windows
OS DeploymentCSM for SCCM
Task sequence auto-update
ReportsCSM for SCCM
Intelligent reports
SupportCSM for SCCM
Customer support
PricesCSM for SCCM
Fixed monthly fee
Unit price per application per workstation
Maximum total application fee
Task Sequence Auto-Update

Services for an Additional Fee

  • Uninstalling standard applications from the main device environment
  • Deploying your organization’s own client-specific applications.
  • Application settings can be defined according to your organization’s needs
  • With the task sequence feature you can import application updates to task sequence automatically, without any manual labor. The feature takes a significant load off from the system admins’ hands.
  • Client-specific SCCM-platform as a cloud service.

Coming Soon

  • Make observations on your environment’s status based on a variety of intelligent reports.

Application Updates at a Competitive Price

With CSM, it’s easy and competitively priced to automatize any application updates in environments using the SCCM management tool, and it’s safe as well!

Let us show how

CSM for Different Environments

Get to know the features of different Centero Software Manager versions that are suitable for various environments! A Centero Software Manager version is available for the most common distribution services: CSM Cloud, CSM for Intune, CSM for WSUS, and CSM for Server.

What is SCCM?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, SCCM for short, is a handy tool you can use for deploying and updating both workstations and servers. SCCM is a management tool for physical, virtual, distributed, and mobile environments.

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