CSM is suitable for different environments

Centero Software Manager packs application updates to an easily distributed form and distributes the installations to workstations automatically. We have different versions of CSM for different distribution services and operating environments. You can find more information on implementing and maintaining the different versions from our data bank here.


Check out this table for the features in CSM’s different versions.

CSM CloudCSM for SCCMCSM for WSUSCSM for ServersCSM for Intune
Fully automatized application distribution process
Distribute and update your environment’s CSM-supported applications automatically.
Scheduled application distribution
Schedule the application distribution using the flexible scheduling settings.
Uninstalling applications
Uninstall CSM-supported applications from your environment when they are no longer needed.
For an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional fee
Application updates
Keep the CSM-supported applications always up to date. Never compromise with cyber security.
Distribution of client-specific applications
You can distribute your organization’s own applications as well.
For an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional fee
Client-specific application settings
Application settings can be defined according to your organization’s needs.
For an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional feeFor an additional fee
Modifiable distribution process
Benefit from device groups when defining the schedule and distribution settings.
Application distributions in the background
Install and update applications in the background, without any disturbance to the end user.
No unexpectedly closing applications
You can ensure an undisturbed working environment for the end user with the application restart disabled.
No unpredictable boot behavior
With the controlled delivery of application updates, you don’t need to worry about uncontrollably booting devices.
No adware in application installation packages
We’ve removed the unnecessary adware from the installation packages.
Installation packages for organizational use
Application installation packages are always made professionally, according to the industry’s best practices.
Application packages available in MSI form
Installation packages are available in MSI form.
Manual use of installation packages
Installation packages can be used for manual installations or, for example, when installing devices.
Thoroughly tested installation packages
All installation packages are thoroughly tested on all supported operating system versions. We also always check the packages for malware.
Microsoft update management
You can also manage the updates for Microsoft products.
Inventory for devices, operating systems, and applications
You’ll have access to inventory reports for your environment’s devices, operating systems, and applications. This will help you to keep up to date on the current status of your environment.
Task sequence feature
xFor an additional feexxx
Client-specific platform as a service
In case the cloud version (CSM Cloud) isn’t a suitable solution for you, you can also get your own service platform (SCCM or WSUS) as a cloud-based service.
-For an additional feeFor an additional fee-For an additional fee
No need for client software on workstations
With CSM for SCCM and CSM for WSUS, you don’t need client software on workstations for application distributions. However, if you wish to use the inventory reports, you need to install the client software.
Serverless configuration
When using the cloud-based CSM (CSM Cloud), all that you need to do is install the client application on workstations. That’s the only service platform you’ll need.
E-mail notifications
You can send e-mail notifications on ongoing application distributions to the test group or directly to the end user.
Web-based management portal
You can configure the service and manage settings using a web-based management portal.
Maintenance windows
Define a suitable maintenance window for installing the application updates. You can define the time, day of the week, etc.
Make observations on your environment’s status based on a variety of intelligent reports.

Price list

Centero Software Manager’s pricing is based on the number of updated applications and workstations, meaning it can be easily scaled according to the size and needs of your company. You’ll find each version’s price in the table below.

Cloud for SCCM for WSUS for Servers
Fixed monthly fee 50 € 50 € 50 € 200 €
Unit price per workstation 0,20 €
Unit price per application per workstation 0,20 € 0,10 € 0,10 € 0,20 €
Unit price per server
5 €
Monthly price ceiling 1 000,00 € 1 000,00 € 1 000,00 €


Additional features
Cloud for SCCM for WSUS for Servers
Task sequence feature, monthly price per integration
100 €


CSM Cloud

If you are not using SCCM or WSUS, Centero Software Manager Cloud is the right service for you. Once the CSM Cloud is installed, application management can be done entirely as a cloud service.

With CSM Cloud, you don’t need your own server for the application update distribution!


CSM is fully compatible with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager or SCCM service. Centero Software Manager for SCCM can automatize the distribution using SCCM’s standard interfaces. CSM downloads new versions of the applications in question and creates SCCM-distributions according to the distribution process defined in the CSM-configuration.

CSM for SCCM works without any installations on workstations!


CSM is also compatible with another Microsoft update service, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). In this version, CSM automatically downloads the new versions of the chosen applications and configures WSUS to install application updates on workstations according to the desired schedule.

Centero Software Manager for WSUS works without any installations on workstations!

CSM for Servers

Do you want to manage server operating systems in addition to workstations? If so, Centero Software Manager for Servers is your choice. CSM for Servers ensures that your operating systems are always up to date and safe for use.

CSM for Intune

CSM is fully compatible with the cloud-based Microsoft Intune management solution. Centero Software Manager for Intune makes the distribution of updates automatic with Microsoft Intune interfaces. CSM downloads new versions of selected applications and creates Microsoft Intune distributions according to the distribution process defined in the Centero Software Manager configuration.

CSM for Intune does not require a separate installation to workstations!

Count your savings

With our handy calculator, you can check how much you can save with CSM.