Cost-effective Application Management – We’ve Developed CSM to Meet Our Partners’ Needs

Hi there, IT service provider! Include Centero Software Manager in your service portfolio on white label basis, and you can offer your customers full-service application management with lower costs.

CSM is a tool for more than just patch management: it’s a versatile tool for all your application life cycle management needs, and you can use it in several environments. Centero Software Manager is a service developed to meet your – our partner’s – needs. Many of CSM’s features, like the CSM for Intune Application Groups, were created based on our partners’ ideas and needs. Choose CSM and start using our application lifecycle management tool, developed genuinely for our partners’ needs! 

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Better service on white label basis

CSM brings a needed relief to the life of IT service providers, and a chance to offer the customers an even wider service selection. With CSM’s partnership model it’s easy for an IT service provider to include application lifecycle management in their service selection – white labeling it, if need be.

Our partner’s end-customer doesn’t know they are using Centero Software Manager, meaning the service provider has total freedom for branding and pricing their own service package. The price of CSM for the IT service providers is volume-based, but the service provider has full liberty to decide with what prices they sell the service for their own customers.

“Collaboration with Centero is handy and agile in every sense. It’s easy for us to bring forward both our own and our customers’ needs, and discuss possibilities for development. I think it’s great how Centero listens to our suggestions and develops the product with our needs in mind.”

Ari Rantala

Director, Enfo Oyj

Centero Software Manager is developed together with IT service providers

Behind CSM’s excellent usability is truly user-driven product development. The features of the service have been developed so that it is easy for service providers to integrate application lifecycle management into their own service offering and provide their own end-customers the best possible user experience.

We listen to the needs of our partners and their customers because we want to provide the easiest and most cost-effective solution on the market for application lifecycle management and automatic updating.


CSM is a tool for updating any applications

Automatic Updates

With CSM, an IT service provider can easily keep all applications on their customer’s workstations up to date, and manage the applications for their entire lifecycle. Automatic patch management functions keep the customer’s workstation environment’s application vulnerabilities fixed. The automatized updates save significant amounts of the IT service provider’s time, and at the same time the customers’ user experience improves.

Application Management for All Applications

No application is left unmanaged! With the application management service, you can use CSM to get basically any application’s latest versions to update automatically to workstations, just like with the supported applications. With CSM, you can easily install the Team Viewer remote control application to all your customers’ workstations, for instance.

Custom Installation Packages

Once you’ve chosen applications to the application management service, you can customize the installation packages and tailor them to meet each customer’s needs. This means the same settings will automatically be used for the specific software on each workstation of an organization. Typically, the custom content be a license code used within an organization, a specific application extension, or any setting that is within the packaging technology’s realm of possibilities.

Application Lifecycle Management for All Environments

Different CSM products give you a reliable way to manage applications and automatize the patch management process. It integrates seamlessly to Microsoft Intune, SCCM, or WSUS.

CSM for Intune

CSM is fully compatible with the cloud-based Microsoft Intune management solution. Centero Software Manager for Intune automatizes the update deployment with Microsoft Intune interfaces.


CSM is compatible with Microsoft’s SCCM service. CSM for SCCM can automatize the deployment using SCCM’s standard interfaces.


CSM product that is compatible with another Microsoft update service, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Portal for Multi-Tenant Management

CSM supports multi-tenant management! From CSM’s management portal the IT service provider can access real-time information on all the applications, processes, and actions installed on their customers’ devices. Under your CSM account you can set up sub-accounts for customers for easy maintenance and monitoring. An IT service provider can register as a user and independently set up customer sub-accounts directly in the CSM management portal.

Offer Your Customers a Free Trial and Benefit from Our Partner Support

Centero offers a free 30-day trial your customers can also use. If needed, you can start a free trial for your customers. And don’t forget our free partner support, there to help our partners also in end-user related situations. We are happy to assist in all phases of implementation.

Our Partner Prices

These prices are for the CSM for Intune, CSM for SCCM and CSM for WSUS. The service’s fixed monthly fee is € 200, and in addition, we’ll charge a fee that is based on the number of workstations.


Number of workstations Monthly price per workstation
1 – 1 000 0,35 €
1 001 – 2 000 0,33 €
2 001 – 5 000 0,32 €
5 001 – 10 000 0,30 €
10 001 – 40 000 0,26 €
40 000 – 70 000  0,21 €
70 000 – 100 000 0,16 €
100 000 < 0,11 €

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