Council of Tampere Region uses a wide selection of applications ranging from Microsoft Office to Java and Adobe software. Microsoft’s security updates worked fine, but with other applications problems arose. Centero Software Manager was the solution.

Council of Tampere Region is a joint municipal authority owned by 22 municipalities, and it is in charge of the region’s zoning and land use planning. The council uses a wide range of software and applications, including Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 365 cloud service, a selection of Adobe software, Java, 7-Zip, and Citrix Receiver. For zoning, they use a geographic information software program.

– Our operating system is Windows 7 Professional and as browsers we use both Firefox and Chrome, says Jouni Nukkala, IT expert at the Council of Tampere Region.

A solution for installing cyber security updates

For their Microsoft software, the Council of Tampere Region uses the WSUS update service, which allows the system administrator to select the necessary Microsoft Updates and distribute them to workstations in a centralized manner. However, with all other software updates, they were in trouble.

– It was a real challenge to manage all of the software security updates and access rights. It was not rare that we were unable to install the latest version release when we were already getting messages that the old versions had critical vulnerabilities of some sort. It was a never-ending cycle, says Jouni.

Easy to use, with a great quality-price ratio

In spring 2016, Jouni contacted Centero after realizing Centero just might have the solution for their challenges. A suitable pilot was drafted together. After a successful pilot, they decided to start using the Centero Software Manager.

– We chose Centero because of their great quality-price ratio and because CSM is really easy to use. They could also integrate the service directly into our WSUS server, Jouni recalls.

The service implementation was easy and the training a success. Now, they have the Centero Software Manager installed on their WSUS server, where it checks the new updates and, when needed, runs them along with the Microsoft updates.

– In the background, the service is constantly gathering statistics on what installations each device has and whether there is something that shouldn’t be there. This helps us to keep track of access rights as well, Jouni says.

”Centero Software Manager really saves a lot of time”

– Centero Software Manager really saves a lot of time. Now, we no longer need to wonder whether all of the updates have installed correctly. Now that software doesn’t call for as much attention as before, I can use my own working hours for more interesting ICT challenges. There’s no doubt about it, it is a big help for me, Jouni says.

Jouni feels Centero is a reliable service provider and an expert in their field. When asked about Centero Software Manager’s biggest benefits, in addition to saving time Jouni mentions the operational reliability – CSM packages all the software security updates for software other than Microsoft software and automatically installs them on the workstations. He is also happy about Centero’s fast customer service.

– Their technical support is very fast. You can just pick up the phone and get expert service in Finnish. That’s not a given nowadays, says Jouni.

– They are honest and fair people. I warmly recommend Centero Software Manager for others as well!