Kaisanet Oy is an expert organization specializing in web services, telecommunication, IT services, and digitalization. We at Centero installed an SCCM for Kaisanet, using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as a basis. At the same time, we also installed Centero Software Manager for SCCM.

Kaisanet operates throughout Eastern Finland. The company’s services include constructing and maintaining the physical wide area data network, and various IT services, ranging from Helpdesk to fully outsourced packages.

– Centero has been our partner since late 2016. Our clients were in need of a system that could distribute and maintain applications, says Toni Keränen, a service manager at Kaisanet.

A cloud-based service suits every client

We at Centero installed an SCCM for Kaisanet, using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as a basis. SCCM is short for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, a product designed for centralized device management. Centero also trained Kaisanet staff in the use of SCCM.

– In our operational area, we have clients that are interested in standardized products. From our perspective, standardization includes both workstations and software. What we needed was a system that can offer this kind of standardization for our clients, says Keränen.

– A reasonable standardization calls for a cloud-based system. We can implement the system for practically anyone, Keränen continues.

– The goal was a smooth-running system with system support integrated in the client environment, Kaisanet’s IT expert Jarkko Määttä explains..

Centero Software Manager helps save both time and financial resources

Along with the SCCM, we also installed Centero Software Manager for SCCM. With Center Software Manager, Kaisanet hoped to save both time and financial resources. With the applications installed and later on updated automatically, both Kaisanet and its customers can relax. Setting up new workstations is a lot easier than before.

– Maintaining a large number of third party applications is quite arduous, and we simply cannot allocate our time for that. Centero Software Manager was the sensible choice in order to save both money and our nerves. Our goal with CSM is to save working hours, says Määttä.

– We sell carefree time for our customers, and this is an excellent tool for that. When our customers do not need to worry about whether an application is updated or not, they can better focus on their own expertise and tasks, Keränen explains.

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