A global steel company SSAB uses CSM for SCCM for their centralized application updates. With Centero Software Manager and Microsoft’s Endpoint Configuration Manager, they can install updates to workstations around the globe in a centralized manner. This means improved cyber security, and new versions are also automatically tested and in use a lot faster than before.

SSAB has been using Centero Software Manager for years.

– For cyber security reasons, it’s very important to make sure all workstation applications, both big and small, are always up to date, says SSAB IT Service Manager Harri Rajamäki.

Managing the big picture with automation

SSAB uses both Centero Software Manager and Microsoft’s Configuration Manager for application update management.

– We use Centero Software Manager to monitor new updates and version releases and to prepare them for Configuration Manager. Thanks to the integration, SSAB’s Configuration Manager handles the deployment following our normal procedure and all necessary testing phases, says Rajamäki.

– In a bigger company, software’s own update routines and automatizations aren’t always the best solution. You can’t manage the big picture if each workstation handles its own updates independently. That’s why we prefer to manage the software updates with a separate management system, handling the security patch and version deployment in a centralized manner. This means it’s also possible to confirm compatibility with testing and make informed decisions without implementation, especially with new features, continues Rajamäki.

New versions tested and deployed promptly

The set-up required is simple: all managed workstations need to have Microsoft’s Configuration Manager client, and Configuration Manager’s management server in SSAB’s IT center needs to have CSM for SCCM Integration Client installed. Centero delivers the service: whenever a new version for a software is released, Centero prepares it for deployment, it’s taken via CSM to the Configuration Manager, and then installed to SSAB’s workstations in different countries.

– It used to take months to get a new version updated. It was just waiting in line with all other unfinished tasks. Now the tester gets the new version for testing automatically. And once it’s tested, it can be moved to deployment immediately, says Rajamäki.

– This means improved level of cyber security, and both updates and new versions are automatically tested before implementation. We can start using the new features faster, more workstation are using the same versions of software, and we can use our hours for something more productive, Rajamäki sums up.