Satapirkan Sähkö Oy provides information services for the energy industry, and their various applications are all updated and delivered to the end customers using Centero Software Manager (CSM). The service improves cyber security, saves time for other tasks, and makes an average day a lot easier.

Satapirkan Sähkö Oy provides a variety of services for their clients in the energy industry, ranging from the electricity supply and balancing services to IT infrastructure. Their clients are electricity companies.

– We use a wide selection of applications, starting from the basic workstation applications and ranging all the way to applications related to controlling and operating the power grid. As a rule, the applications are run over Citrix on the workstations, but in some exceptions they have to be run locally. This primarily means browsers and additional browser components, including Adobe’s products, Oracle Java, and Microsoft Silverlight, explains Tomi Vaajakari, system expert at Satapirkan Sähkö.

Since summer 2016, the company has been using Centero Software Manager, which automatically updates the desired workstation applications and distributes the updates to Satapirkan Sähkö Oy’s end customers.

A solution to update problems

The constantly updating software used to cause headaches at Satapirkan Sähkö Oy

– We needed to find an easy way for software updates. Centero was the best in explaining their service, says Tomi.

Centero Software Manager is a service that offers Centero’s tested application packages and automatically distributes them to the organizations that have purchased the service.

– From Centero’s application list, we chose the ones that we felt needed to have their vulnerabilities fixed and fast. These include Adobe Flash and Oracle Java components. These applications get frequent updates, and usually it is important to get the updates to the end users as fast as possible to get the vulnerabilities fixed right away, Tomi explains.

Satapirkan Sähkö has been using Centero Software Manager since June 2016. According to Tomi, the implementation was fast and easy.

– We had a meeting over Skype, and during that meeting, Centero explained their Software Manager’s features, installation, and settings to us. Now, the application is distributing and updating the new version releases to our clients, according to the rules that we have created, Tomi explains.

Cyber security and saved time

CSM updates the applications when the user is not using their device; they don’t even notice the updates. The service has made life a lot easier for Satapirkan Sähkö.

– I’ve done the math: putting together an update package takes an hour and testing it another hour. On top of that, the applications might update several times a year. If we’d have to put together every update package ourselves, not to mention testing and distributing them, we’d be wasting a lot of time. With CSM, we don’t need to worry about the updates and can use our time on other tasks, Tomi says.

He feels the collaboration with Centero has been smooth, and support is always available, either by e-mail or on Skype.

– In addition to saving time, with the help of Centero’s service, we can now fix software vulnerabilities in no time. The end user doesn’t need to fear using a browser or an application. For us, it’s important to take care of application vulnerabilities as fast as possible, Tomi says.