City of Oulu uses approximately 250 different programs and applications, all distributed and administered by Oulun Tietotekniikka. Installing and updating the often-updated applications directly to users’ workstations is now automated with Centero Software Manager (CSM). With CSM, the resources that used to be tied to application packaging and distribution have now been relocated to working with clients.

Oulun Tietotekniikka is a public utility owned by the city of Oulu, and it offers IT services to all city’s own organizations and public utilities. As the city has several operational branches, it uses a wide range of applications.

– We needed help in application packaging and automatizing their distribution. We wanted to allocate our own resources elsewhere. With Centero we found just the partner we needed, says ICT service manager Ilkka Pelkonen.

“I think the service is an excellent package”

It was 2016 when Oulun Tietotekniikka started using CSM, which automatizes the application updates and simultaneously tackles third party applications’ possible security risks. Pelkonen recalls the implementation as an easy process. At the moment all often-updated applications, such as Java applications, Flash and other utilities, are run through CSM.

– Implementation went well. There were no surprises, unless you count the fact that everything actually went well, Pelkonen says laughing.

– Software Manager works as was agreed on and as presented by the provider. I think the service is an excellent package.

More resources available to working with clients

At the moment Software Manager channels all applications and their updates automatically to the SCCM distribution system. All Oulun Tietotekniikka has to do is to keep track of what’s happening and make sure the system works.

– The difference in workload is remarkable. Now we can focus on more substantial tasks, and we have been able to allocate more resources to our clients and to development.

– Collaboration with Centero has been seamless. Their trainers and consultants have all been qualified experts with ample experience on hands-on solutions.

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