Valmet is the world leader in supplying and developing technologies, automation, and services for pulp, paper, and energy industries. Valmet has a centralized IT organization offering IT services globally to various Valmet offices. Valmet uses Centero Software Manager to manage the updates of many of their software. The automatized updates save both time and money.

What Centero Software Manager actually does is it automatizes the updates for often-updated applications and, in doing so, prevents the old versions from causing vulnerabilities. At Valmet, Centero Software Manager is used to update specific software and browsers.

– The main thing for us is that we don’t even see what Software Manager does in the background. We simply don’t need to worry about the application updates. We just need to agree on what applications we want the service to cover, explains Pekka Blomqvist, who is in charge of the workstations at Valmet.

Time and money saved

According to Blomqvist, time saved is the most tangible benefit of Centero Software Manager. When the application updates are no longer on your plate you can use your resources for other tasks.

– Not having to spend our time on the updates generates actual cost savings. And that’s precisely the point, Blomqvist emphasizes.

Valmet has outsourced all of its IT services to a couple of main providers. A service provider manages Centero Software Manager, with some basic rules, like staged distribution, agreed on beforehand.

Fast and flexible service of highest quality

Blomqvist describes the collaboration with Centero as smooth. The collaboration has been going on for years now, and there have been no major challenges to tackle. The most important thing for Blomqvist is that Centero is fast and flexible.

– They react and deliver solutions fast. And the quality of their work is always great, Blomqvist praises.

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