Napa Oy is a Finnish software house, operating globally within maritime industry, and it provides solutions to both ship design and safe and effective ship operations. The company is a world leader in the field, and its biggest clients include shipyards, engineering agencies, and shipping companies.

– 95 % of the world’s ship tonnage is designed at shipyards or engineering agencies that are using NAPA’s software, says Stefan Winberg, head of work stations at Napa Oy.

Manual labor eliminated, time saved

The company’s IT-staff is quite small: being a software house, Napa’s staff knows how to use computers, and there’s no need for a day-to-day IT support. But as there’s less staff, there’s also less time to spend on third party applications. That’s where Centero Software Manager comes in handy.

– Compared to other companies of the same size, our IT department is smaller. However, it’s really important to keep the third-party applications up to date, and if the updates were manual, they would take a lot of time.

– If you compare the amount of work updates can demand, and the cost of Centero, we are definitely saving money, says Winberg.

With testing comes security

According to Winberg, one of the most important features in Centero Software Manager is the fact that Centero takes care of testing the application updates, from start to finish. What it means is the process works on its own, without Winberg’s help.

– I do keep an eye on the process, but I really feel I wouldn’t need to be doing even that, Winberg laughs.

– If there’s a security issue in an update, Centero takes care of it. It’d be pretty complicated if, for instance, Chrome wouldn’t update whenever I’m on a sick leave. Now that’s something I don’t need to worry about. The system works and the applications are always up to date, Winberg praises.

A carefree package

Winberg describes the collaboration with Centero as smooth. He would recommend Centero Software Manager especially to those bothered by how much time application updates take.

– You might wonder what would you need this for, when for example Chrome and Firefox update automatically. Testing is the part that makes this solution necessary. You really can’t install an application update on company work stations without testing it first. Centero takes care of testing the updates and making sure they really work and won’t cause any issues.

– It’s a really carefree package, and I trust it, Winberg sums up.

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