Keski-Uudenmaan informaatioteknologia Oy, also known as KUUMA-ICT, produces information and communication technology services for their clients. In order to free their workforce to other tasks and cut down on routine work, KUUMA-ICT has started using Centero Software Manager to install the most common applications’ updates automatically to their clients workstations.

KUUMA ICT is owned by its client municipalities. The company delivers high-quality, cost-effective infrastructure services to its clients. Pia Ohralahti is KUUMA ICT’s Head of ICT and leads a unit focusing on workstation services.

– Packaging and delivering updates is routine work we did ourselves for years. It isn’t difficult, but it’s repetitive and sometimes needs to be done on a rather short notice, says Ohralahti.

– With Centero Software Manager we can automatize the routine updates of widely-used and often-updated applications, Ohralahti continues.


”The product works and is well worth its price”

KUUMA-ICT uses Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager -service (SCCM), and Centero Software Manager is compatible with it. Application updates are run automatically through SCCM-delivery.

– We have one joint SCCM for all the clients we administer. Centero Software Manager’s implementation was really easy – it took us just one day, Ohralahti recalls.

– We’ve been happy. You can count on Centero Software Manager to deliver what it promises. It’s not rocket science, but the product works and is well worth its price. As long as the configurations are carefully made, everything hums on on its own, says Ohralahti.


Updates to clients on time

According to Ohralahti, Centero Software Manager has made life at KUUMA ICT a lot easier. Before they started using CSM, a fair share of their workforce was tied up with packaging and delivering applications. And every now and then new updates couldn’t be delivered for purely humane reasons. Now, with automatization, their workforce is free for other tasks and delivery is always on time. Thanks to this, the updates arrive to the clients when needed.

–According to recommendations, a new application version needs to be delivered as soon as possible, especially if it’s associated with a vulnerability, Ohralahti emphasizes.

– Centero Software Manager takes a load off the people in charge at KUUMA-ICT, as they don’t need to think about the updates anymore, Ohralahti sums up.

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