Use a calculator to find out how much time you could save by automatizing your application updates

Updating new software versions to an organization’s workstations and other devices, and keeping their information security on an adequate level is surprisingly time-consuming.

When a few-minute task repeats time and again it turns into a real time-guzzler, and just monitoring the new software versions takes up endless hours every year.

The more there are applications needing to be updated, the bigger the work station security risks when it comes to non-updated applications.

All this means less time for actually productive work!

Centero Software Manager has been developed to help you, and to take care of these updates automatically.

The image shows the average working hours needed for the various stages of an adequate application update. You can estimate your update costs based on the results of our savings calculator.

Enter the information into the savings calculator and see how many working hours you can save with centralized workstation management


Enter the number of your organization’s third party applications into the calculator, and subscribe to the results via e-mail. The calculator’s estimate is based on the amount of work needed to manage the updates and maintain the information security on the same level as Centero Software Manager does.

Centero Software Manager price calculator

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