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About the study

This survey is a part of Master’s Thesis study on 3rd party application patch management on Windows environments.

The study is conducted by Tuukka Tiainen, a candidate for a Master of Engineering in programme of Cyber Security. The thesis is as an assignment from the current employer of the candidate, Centero Oy.

Study questions

We want to gather information on third party patch management. Here are some questions we would like to have an answer as result of the study.

1. How do organizations manage the 3rd party application patching?

2. How important is 3rd party application patching considered?

3. What kind of processes and tools are involved in 3rd party patch management?

Use of the survey data

The survey results data be used in the master’s thesis. In addition, Centero Oy will learn and develop their patch management solution based on the gathered information. The survey results will be analyzed, made anonymous and published with the findings, as a part of the master thesis.

Personal information

We will also collect some personal information with the respondents consent. The basic demographic information is collected in the start of the survey and answering the personal questions is optional.

Privacy and data collection of Survey Monkey

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All the questions regarding this survey can be addressed to Mr. Tuukka Tiainen. Please approach via e-mail: tuukka.tiainen(at)

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