Why CSM?

Centero Software Manager is the sensible choice for every organization. Automatized software updates save everyone’s time, streamline effectiveness, and keep third party applications’ cyber security threats at bay. A solution that we initially developed for ourselves is now available to help your organization as well.

Centralized update management

CSM frees up more time for all employees. When the updates are running automatically and in a centralized manner, everyone can focus on tasks that are actually productive.

We can use the saved time for other tasks, and update distribution is a lot faster than it used to be. That’s why I can absolutely recommend Centero Software Manager to other companies.
Kimmo Soukka, Rettig Group

Automatizing software security updates

Third party applications waiting for an update causes a significant security risk to organizations of all shapes and sizes. CSM keeps the applications up to date and helps fix the vulnerabilities caused by non-updated third party applications.

Keeping software up to date forms a significant part of modern cyber security. CSM provides a great tool for it.
Marko Simo, Metso Oyj

Situation reports for the terminal device environment

In addition to keeping third party applications up to date, CSM also keeps the IT support updated. We offer a management portal where the IT support can check in real time what the situation is for the processors, processes, and applications installed on devices or servers. Solving problems is easy when you have the right information.

Centero Software Manager helps us administer which applications and updates that we need and when.
Patrick Juuti, Kaukokiito transport services

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Streamlining information work

There’s no need to worry about IT issues. You can leave the annoying third party application updates to CSM and streamline your information work.

In addition to saving our time, with the help of Centero’s service we can now fix our software vulnerabilities fast, and the end user doesn’t need to fear using a browser or application.
Tomi Vaajakari, Satapirkan Sähkö Oy


Are you still wondering about something regarding our software? Do you want to know how to start using CSM or what the role of IT support is?

CSM provides customer service in English

In addition to English, we also provide customer service in Finnish.