CSM automatizes software security updates


Neglecting updates for third party applications (Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java etc.) is a major security threat for organizations. Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s Cyber Security Center keeps a list of data security threats, and neglecting your application updates has been #1 on their TOP 5 for years in a row.

In many organizations, there just isn’t enough time for downloading, distributing, and installing updates – which means dangerous compromises being made between cyber security and time allocation. Avoiding a cyber security disaster is easy: just use Centero Software Manager to automatize your organization’s third party application security updates.

Automatizing software security updates helps fix the vulnerabilities

Automatizing software security updates with CSM ensures that all third party applications in use are up to date, which means outdated applications won’t be causing any hidden vulnerabilities in your organizations IT environment. These gaps are practically an invitation to cyber criminals.

With automatized cyber security updates running on your devices, you’ll save time, effort, and the nerves of information workers and IT support.

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Here’s how CSM helps fix the vulnerabilities

  • Latest versions of third party applications’ cyber security updates are always available.
  • Cyber security updates are running automatized and centralized.
  • CSM doesn’t need to compromise between security updates and time allocation.

Find out more about CSM implementation and maintenance in our data bank here.

Diverse Application Tests

Each version of the applications supported by Centero Software Manager has been tested and scanned for viruses, guaranteeing care-free use of the service.

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