Situation reports from workstations tell you what the status is

In many organizations, IT support has to, a little too often, try and find out what applications have been installed and to which station as well as which version each application is running. With Centero Software Manager’s convenient portal, IT support has access at all times to real-time information on applications installed on different devices as well as on the hardware details.

Application inventory helps you decide

With application inventory, IT support can look into the applications installed on workstations, device by device if needed, and download the data for further processing. This helps IT support to make decisions based on relevant up-to-date information.

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Here’s how CSM keeps you up to date

  • Application inventory shows the applications in use and their update history.
  • In addition to the application data, the inventory provides us information on workstations’ device versions and action log.
  • From the management portal you can check that CSM’s automatic updates are running as they should.
  • Software providers’ licensing audits are fast and easy.

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