CSM streamlines information work

Today, nearly all of us are in the business of information work, one way or another. Whether we like it or not, information work comes with a variety of digital software and IT hardware. Software and hardware should speed up the information work, but their routine maintenance can end up taking up a part of employees’ resources.

Centero Software Manager automatizes these update tasks that interrupt the workflow and helps to streamline information work.

An employee shouldn’t need to worry about IT

CSM’s core idea is to take the hassle that manual updates of third party applications can cause, and remove it from the end users’ sight and calendars.

With the updates running automatically in the background, employees don’t need to waste their time on update management, and instead they can direct more of their resources toward their actual work. With the applications up to date, the end user doesn’t need to worry about cyber security breaches when using them.

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Here’s how CSM streamlines information work

  • No time wasted on routine update tasks.
  • Fewer distractions for work.
  • No need to worry when using applications – they’re always up to date.
  • Using the latest versions of applications ensures everything works and has the latest features.

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Improve the Effectiveness of Information work

With CSM, the information workers’ productivity improves, as the application updates run automatically in the background without disturbing the users’ concentration.

Let us show how

Software security updates annoy employees

We conducted a survey that showed the most annoying things about software security updates:

Count your savings

With our handy calculator, you can check how much you can save with CSM.