With CSM, you don’t need to waste your time on software security updates

When the security updates are run on all of the devices and servers in a centralized manner, the end users don’t need to spend their time with update management and waiting around, and with the saved time they can do something actually productive.

With Centero Software Manager, IT support doesn’t need to spend all of their time on routine tasks related to update management but can rather focus on important task that cannot be automatized.

Update management has never been easier

With CSM, you can install, update and, if necessary, also uninstall third party applications – and all of this fully automatized and centralized.

CSM’s update management runs according to predefined settings, which means the updates and installations can be scheduled for a specific time that is the most convenient for your organization.

Get acquainted with our extensive comparison of Patch Management tools and find out which software is the best for your needs.

Here’s how CSM is going to save your time

  • Update management is centralized and automatic.
  • Implementation and maintenance are effortless and easy.
  • Updates run in the background without interrupting employees’ tasks.

Find out more about CSM implementation and maintenance in our data bank here.

CSM Helps You to Save Time and Money

By automatizing your patch management process, you’ll save a fair amount of money, and IT department’s time. CSM automatizes routine application update tasks.

Let us show how

Choosing the right version

We have different versions of CSM for different distribution services and operating environments. What version suits you the best?